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Hi, welcome to the Smoothie - Safest Dating & Hookup App testing family

Want a safe, anonymous and instant way to date or hook up? Want an app which is safe for women? Then Smoothie is for you. Smoothie is all about going out and meeting someone new, instantly. Get instant dates or casual encounters with people around you, exchange selfies and meet them. Smoothie is totally anonymous and does not require you to link your account with any social network. We have done a lot of things to make Smoothie fun and SAFE FOR FEMALE users. How Smoothie works: 1. Smoothie matches you with a person near you based on your sexual preferences. 2. Exchange a selfie or ask your match a question. 3. If you like your match go ahead and meet him / her. 4. Locate each other easily on the map, exchange selfies 5. Enjoy free voice call with each other and get to know each other before meeting, and 6. Meet and get some action for the night! ---------------------------------------------------- Smoothie is - and always will be - FREE, safe and anonymous.

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